Le petit breakfast

Le petit breakfast »Yes Maitland, you’ve been waiting for it, a breakfast that will leave both you and your pockets full. For just $6.00 every Saturday and Sunday we offer “le petit déjeuner” (the little breakfast). Or, if you like to mix your French and English, let’s just call it “le petit breakfast”.

How often have you poured over a breakfast menu and thought, I really want that but I just won’t eat it all. Well, we have the answer. Le petit breakfast is tailor-made for children, those with a small appetite, or those who are just socialising at breakfast with friends and family and don’t want a full meal.

Choose from either:

  • mushrooms on toast (savour the earthy, aromatic flavour of Port Stephens mushrooms served on Blackbird’s very own toasted sourdough)
  • or one egg on toast –  poached, fried or scrambled egg (done anyway you like it, the egg is also served on Blackbird’s very own toasted sourdough).

Le petit breakfast »

This breakfast will satisfy your hunger without breaking the bank and without leaving half your meal behind.

So come on in, enjoy le petit breakfast and then sit back and indulge in a piping hot coffee or a pot of tea from our extensive selection.

 Vegans take note

Our bread is vegan so mushrooms on toast will be just the ticket for that weekend vegan breakfast (but please let us know you are vegan when you order).

But wait, there’s more

For the robust food-lover, follow le petit breakfast with an indulgent bowl of Blackbird’s granola, fruit and yoghurt (see our full breakfast menu).