Monday Meditation

“One Brick at a Time” Meditation!


Join us every Monday for our “One Brick at a Time” meditation. Meditation is held every Monday evening at 6pm sharp (except public holidays). The 45-minute meditation is held at Blackbird Artisan Bakery. The cost is $10. Yes you read that correctly! It is only $10. These sessions are open to everyone from the complete novice to those well versed in the practise of meditation. Whether you want to still your mind, clear your thoughts, calm yourself, stay calm or just learn to be at peace with the world, meditation can help.

Remember, 6pm sharp (you don’t want to be late because it’s very hard to “sneak in” while everyone will be quietly meditating).

We look forward to seeing you!

What is “One Brick at a Time” Meditation all About?

Nepal school.

The school in 2015 before work resumed on it.

School today in Nepal.

The school today with construction evident

All the proceeds (yes, 100%) raised through meditation and dinner are being used to build a school in Nepal … ONE BRICK AT A TIME! This school-building project is the brain-child of Linda Harwood who spends five months of the year in Nepal helping communities rebuild after the 2015 earthquake that decimated parts of the country. Linda, a Maitland resident, founded Umbrella Foundation Australia and it is through this foundation that she aims to raise $50,000 to build the school (one brick at a time).

If you don’t want to come to mediation but you think the project is important and would like to help, you can still “buy a brick” ($10 for a brick, $30 for a family brick and $100 for a business brick). Anyone who buys a brick will be able to visit the school and see their contribution.

A little about the school

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The same classroom after building works and with furniture

Classroom in Nepal

A classroom after building works halted

The school the Umbrella Foundation Australia is helping to build was not damaged in the 2015 earthquake. When the earthquake hit, the school was partly constructed. Although undamaged by the earthquake, the building process halted in response to other priorities that stemmed from the earthquake. Since the rebuilding process began, some overseas aid has flowed into the building works but funds ultimately have dried up.

Linda has committed to raising $50,000 to help complete the school. So far $22,000 has been raised. This is helped by locals who are also donating their time.

The school provides education for four villages. Children walk between 30 minutes and two hours a day (one way) to get to school.

See some of Linda’s story in the Lower Hunter Star.